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Some decisions are too important to be left to insurance companies

When it comes to property loss claims, getting what you need and deserve won’t happen automatically. The truth is, the vast majority of claims are dramatically underpaid.

  • Licensed to Negotiate with your Insurance Adjuster
  • Licensed to interpret insurance policy
  • Experts at investigation
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Save time with a free, no-obligation assessment.
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801% Average Claim Increase 

Pivot Adjusters levels the playing field by working exclusively for you, the insured. Experts in the art of negotiating insurance settlements, we regularly secure payments 8 times larger than what the insurance company offers (at no out of pocket cost to you).

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Property Details

The Process

As a licensed public adjuster, we advocate on behalf of property owners, managers and HOAs. 

  • We look into every aspect of your loss
  • Document our findings
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company

We lessen your burden by being your advocate.

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You shouldn’t have to navigate the complex claim process alone. Pivot Adjusters specializes in advocating for you every step of the way, insuring that you receive the settlement you deserve. We’ve got your back, no matter who you are.


Property Owners


Property Managers


General Contractors


HOA Committees

We have Licensed Public Adjusters in 10 States!

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THANK YOU so much for your help with our efforts to repair our home. You’ve made a huge difference in my ability to get my home back to looking and feeling beautiful, and I sincerely appreciate your assistance. I certainly would never have gotten to this point without so many great people working hard for a fair and honest assessment of the damage to my home, and to support me through the frustrations along the way. I’m truly grateful for your assistance! Please count me among your exceptionally satisfied customers and feel free to share my comments with your future business partners and clients. If you ever need the added support, also feel free to provide my phone number and email address to anyone considering your services. I’ll be more than happy to tell them our story and give your firm my highest endorsement! Thank you again!”

Scott Palmer

Thank you so very much for your assistance. I can’t express my relief when you shared with me the settled amount to be signed by the Umpire. I’m beyond impressed with you. After such a long and arduous challenge it is great how you took over and finished this fight. To finish with ~$40k! That is a huge difference from the starting $13k & you did it with great patience & professionalism. Thank you. They picked a fight, you finished it.

Michael Childs