Business Interruption Claims

Many business owners are now facing a difficult reality –having to close while still supporting employees.
We understand you cannot continue to support your employees without revenue. We also must confront the virus’ risk to ourselves, loves ones, and those around us.
Your Business Property & Casualty insurance policy may suggest there is a viable claim for Business Interruption (“BI”) benefits. The typical coverage period for BI benefits is one year.
It is important to remember there may be a long road from a viable claim to actual receipt of benefits. However, Pivot Adjusters will work with your insurance company until you are fully compensated based on policy terms.
If a claim is not filed, you have no chance at collecting any benefits to offset the loss of revenues.
All business owners impacted by these difficult times, should email or call Pivot Adjusters – or 720- 446-2827. We have joined with our legal counsel to provide a free analysis of the language in your Property & Casualty policies.
If there is a viable claim, we will provide a description of the facts we believe establish coverage.
Most policies have a deadline for filing a claim, so it is imperative you reach out as soon as possible. This service will be provided at no charge and with no obligation. Not every policy will contain the language giving rise to possible benefits but the only way to be certain is to have the policy reviewed and, if appropriate, submit a claim.
Please pass this on to anyone who might be impacted – not everyone will have the right coverage, but it is worth checking!